Welcome to Matt & Emma’s Birthday Bash! We’re so glad you’ve joined us for a week filled with fun, games, partying, and presents. But before Matt & Emma get to open up their birthday presents, their parents have planned out fun activities for all their guests! Now it’s time to join them in the festivities...

Cake and presents time!

As the games come to a close, it’s time for the present-opening! All the guests have brought marvelous gifts, piled in a great heap beneath the larger-than-life birthday cake. After opening box after box, Matt and Emma finally reach a small envelope from their grandparents. All that's inside is a mysterious card...

At the end of the treasure hunt, Matt and Emma find the real gift from their grandparents - a beautiful new SPOILER! It seems to glow slightly, and you all lean in to take a closer look. Suddenly, you find yourself sucked in by the chest, and a magical world unfolds before your eyes...

As you step into the world with Matt and Emma, you see all sorts of interesting characters. Three of them step up curiously to greet you. “We’re so excited to have you here in Matropolis!”, an adorable plush squeaks out as it bounces its way over from the left. “What’s your name?” “We’re Matt and Emma,” the twins respond. “It’s our sixth birthday today!” From the north, a funny-looking character rolls over. “Happy birthday! We are on Tabletop Island! Please take a turn down the road if you’d like to join us on our adventure!“ “Welcome to Pixel Paradise!“ the final, pixelated denizen exclaims to your right. “We’re excited to play with you. Hope you brought an extra life!“ Filled with glee, Matt and Emma dash off to explore.

Matropolis Castle unlocked!

As you approach the castle, you see a gathering of toys lounging about in the field. “Welcome!” a plush squeaks. Grabbing you by the arm, the toy pushes you and the birthday twins forward into their game.

The toys have taught Matt and Emma an important life lesson - to SPOILER FREE ANSWER PHRASE! Even the most stoic figurine can be brought to life with a little SPOILERing.

Tabletop Castle unlocked!

After several games with your new friends at the table, you find yourself immersed in a variety of rules and game mechanics. “We have so many different games we’d love to play! Would you like to join us?” Matt and Emma nod excitedly and turn to look at you. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Compromise and concord are essential for having fun when playing board games -- remember the other players are your friends too! This journey has taught all of you an important life lesson - to SPOILER FREE ANSWER PHRASE!

Pixel Paradise Castle unlocked!

As you near the top of the digital land, a magnificent castle downloads before your eyes. “To the top!” Matt and Emma race for the clouds, and following them, you find the remaining characters waiting for you to join one big game.

The video games have taught Matt and Emma an important life lesson - to SPOILER FREE ANSWER PHRASE! You should always dream big - who knows where your dreams will take you!

All three castles cleared!

As you finish your final play session, you look out longingly over the three worlds you’ve explored. “I wish we could stay here forever!” Matt cries. “I don’t want to say goodbye! If only we could bring all our new friends back to the real world...” Emma sighs. Isn’t there anything we can do to make the fun last longer? As you lament, you notice the screen of your NINTEAMDO PLAYMATE begin to flash...


As Matt, Emma, and you think about all the connections you’ve made, you realize your friends will forever stay with you. You don’t need a SPOILER because what you’ve built together is a long-lasting friendship -- SPOILER FREE ANSWER PHRASE!