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Erratum on Sun, 11/1/20, 6:05 PM PST: When teams first unlocked this puzzle, they auto-spent 1 guess on HERESTHEANSWERTOTHEPUZZLENOWCARRYONMATE. The answer checker response was "Yep, that's the answer!"

Out here, we like to do everything the other way around. We get the answer before the puzzle, we start counting from 0, and we're not done until we know how it all began.

A diagram
  • Game series by Level-5 with an anime aesthetic
  • Encore and Sahara are on this boulevard where gamblers hope to win
  • Textbook author that collaborated with Pamela Ann Tabbert on several German references
  • Donatable expended items in an envelope's vicinity
  • In the past, the home of Mr. Robot, which was set in New York
  • Going against the establishment
  • In soccer, these form a hat trick, which often requires a little luck
  • Two hundred sixteen, to the number of faces on a cube
  • Influential type of soap made popular by Vida Alves and Walter
  • Notes, papers, pens, and pencils
  • Distilled pride of Mount Vernon
  • In the past, he played with the Sharks, Rangers, and Devils in ice hockey
  • Current prince of Yakyakistan
  • Einstein's theory of moving bodies
  • Supported statehood in a 2012 referendum, but the US didn't agree
  • The Kid's position with the Mariners and White Sox
  • Humanity's cousins, and some of the great apes
  • Entertainment venues with EDM, drinks, and dance
  • Now at UNLIMITED STUDIO, he used to compose DDR melodies
  • Separately sold Wii accessory you'll need for Skyward Sword
  • Optional game pieces for Dungeons & Dragons
  • Regent of the Congregazione dei Virtuosi al Pantheon in 1680, and member of the painters' guild
  • The composer for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Leads ships to shore, alerting them of rocky reefs
  • Attaining this was the goal of challengers to the throne in the time of feudalism
  • Study of the body's disease response, named after a Latin root word for exempt
  • This Japanese rhythm and simulation game series spawned a spinoff movie
  • Cholla's art could be called this, if he sketched instead of painting for galleries
  • Lee Sedol, for Korea
  • Unique company advertised by Dotonbori's runner
  • Examining the clues will help with this and hint you to the puzzle's finale
  • Walkable moving alternatives to lifts
  • Olivia's on-screen partner in several Golden Age of Hollywood pictures
  • Royal Irish dynasty in Munster, followed by the Kingdom of Desmond
  • Don't try to watch the whole thing - its episode count is in the six thousands!
  • Zelo zelatus is the start of their motto, but their members don't have to be zealots
  • The twenty-four tales told by travellers to this city are held in great respect
  • Overall, this is unfortunately the most famous thing about Hiroshima
  • A property of crypto developed by Whitfield