Now I Know My 🐝🐝🐝s - Solution

Written by L🐝🐝am Thomas and 🐝🐝van Wang


The first step is to solve the clues literally, making up contextually correct nonsense words about 🐝🐝s. Then, we realize that as in the flavortext, a 🐝🐝 is taking the place of another letter sound in a much less nonsense word. Taking the letters we replace gives us "THREEMUSKY🐝🐝RSGENRE". Once again replacing the 🐝🐝 with something more sensible, we arrive at "THREE MUSKETEERS GENRE", which is the SWASHBUCKLER.

ClueBee WordReal WordReplaced Letter Sound
A cooking vessel or plant container filled with 🐝🐝s (6)BEEPOTTEAPOTT
Made more like the head of a university department who is a🐝🐝 (11)DEANBEEEREDDENATUREDH
A 🐝🐝 who carries out sudden attacks behind enemy lines (7)RAIDBEERADARR
The rear of a 🐝🐝, if you were to treat it like a boat (8)BEESTERNEASTERNE
A 🐝🐝 who is also a function which retrieves a value without changing it, unlike a mutator (11)ACCESSORBEEACCESSORYE
A large, ceremonial fire made of 🐝🐝s (7)BEEPYREEMPIREM
A medieval soldier in armor who serves a 🐝🐝 (9)BEEKNIGHTUNITEU
The place in which a 🐝🐝 trial is held (8)BEECOURTESCORTS
A 🐝🐝 owned by a bird of the family Corvidae (7)CROWBEECROQUETK
🐝🐝s who live inside of a wall-mounted timekeeping device (9)CLOCKBEESCLOCKWISEY
A walking stick for a 🐝🐝 (7)BEECANEARCANER
What one might say to a 🐝🐝 to slangily express sympathy, following "that" (8)SUCKSBEESUCCESSS
A 🐝🐝 owned by the Greek god of the sun and medicine (9)APOLLOBEEAPOLOGYG
A 🐝🐝 who collects money paid to the government each year (6)TAXBEETAXIE
A rubber ring which goes on the wheel of a car, but made of🐝🐝s (7)BEETIREENTIREN
A dance move performed by 🐝🐝s in which the dancer thrusts their hips back and shakes their buttocks (8)BEETWERKARTWORKR
The appendages on the foot of a 🐝🐝 while it is in an Islamic place of worship (13)MOSQUEBEETOESMOSQUITOESE

Author’s Notes