Marineteam - Walkthrough

Designed by Patrick Xia and Ivan Wang
Artwork by Rachel Wei
Implemented by Ivan Wang

Inspired by:





Bop It

Bop It

Marineteam is a game based on Spaceteam and Bop It, themed after Battleship. It is one of the games that requires at least 2 players.

Each player sees a Bop It with a list of commands, and gets a stream of instructions. Each instruction appears on someone's Bop It, not necssarily their own, so players have to communicate what actions the team needs to do. Missing too many will end the game.

The instructions start off in English, but are randomly distorted as the game goes on. The words start off themed around the base Bop It levers and buttons, as well as naval nomenclature.

Progress is not saved; to finish the game, you must clear all 5 waves in a single game.

1N/ANaval nomenclature (as well as generic Bop It actions)
2Fog aheadObscured writing; audio clues only
3Turbulent seasAnagrammed words
4Who let the dogs out?Animal sounds
5Animals gone wildAnagrammed animal sounds


Like Spaceteam, Marineteam gets more confusing when people talk at the same time, so if you see you can handle your own command, just do so without saying anything.

Once the clues become audio only, if you miss what was said, say what type of clue it is (single press, or setting to a number).

The blue arm only goes to 5, while the orange dial goes to 8, so any clue with number 6 or higher must go to an orange dial.

Author's Notes

Many Playmate games got easier with more players, but this one was the opposite. Chaos increased non-linearly with the number of players, and the early playtests found the game extremely challenging, so we spent a lot of time tweaking and finetuning the lives and times.

We decided not to implement a penalty for spamming inputs as we found early versions of the game too challenging. We hope that whether or not this strategy was employed, the attempts to transcribe nonsense words and animal sounds provided for a fun experience.


  • Sound Effects: Bop It